Cataldo frontman Eric Anderson is a Pacific Northwest native who recently graduated from Macalester and has already left us for Seattle. However, touring Signal Fire through the Midwest and beyond brings him back to his collegiate home of the Twin Cities this weekend—and even though tonight's show is considered a CD release, the album itself has been out since late July and has already gotten a fair amount of press. The sometimes sleepy, often sparse musical nature of Signal Fire is one of thoughtfully placed eloquence, combined with his sweet, sweet tenor. Eau Claire's the Daredevil Christopher Wright—who, at press time, had yet to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorbike—has a dreamily quiet/loud folk-pop sensibility attached to his epic vocals. Possibly more recognizable to the fine music fans of our neighbors to the east, Wright plays Minneapolis frequently, and is a multifaceted performer—it's a necessity that you experience him live. Also placed strategically in the mix are the fabulous harmonies of local up-tempo indie-pop darlings the Glad Version. On this particular evening, expect a gorgeous barrage of inspired-dude singer-songwriter high jinx. 18+.
Sat., Sept. 20, 8 p.m., 2008

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