Internet cats: Still a thing Image courtesy event organizers


Cat Video Festival 2018

Aug. 8
6 p.m.
$15; kids 5 and under free; $75 VIP
Family Events, Festivals, Film

In contrast to canine companions, felines have a reputation for being solitary creatures with little interest in currying favor with humans. As cat owners can attest, however, such aloofness is merely a front for an animal whose inquisitive nature is prone to lead to comical mishaps. Perhaps it’s the reluctant revealing of their inner goofiness that has made the annual Cat Video Festival such a popular draw. An enormous library of fan-submitted cat videos is edited into a celebration of the cat in its many unpredictable moods. This low-key gathering at CHS Field invites attendees to spread out their blankets below the big-screen monitors, creating the convivial atmosphere of a picnic. In addition to the videos, attendees can peruse a range of cat-friendly vendors, listen to live music, snack on an assortment of food and beverages, and marvel at the fireworks display. While general admission tickets are a mere $15, those who spring for VIP tickets will enjoy complimentary snacks, private restrooms, and reserved seats. Find tickets and more info at