Cats: They're watching us. Cats of the Wedge


Cat Tour 2019: Whittier Edition

Aug. 8
6-8 p.m.
Family Events, Festivals, Speakers

So we’re doing cat tours now, huh? In a metro area that already has a Cat Video Festival and a cat cafe, it should be no surprise that some feline purists are looking for a less mainstream and more authentic cat-watching experience. Fortunately, nationally heralded cat tour guide Chet Wedgely is back again for a third season. This time, Chet and company will be taking over the Whittier neighborhood, wandering around and staring at very confused cats that are hanging out, minding their own damn business. While we would make a joke about the absurdity of this event, the reality is that the last Cats of the Wedge tour back in June drew upward of 300 people. There were cats on porches, cats in windows, cats in strollers, and even—wait for it—cats on leashes! The cops even got called because of the sheer number of spectators causing traffic backups and creating a general vibe of weirdness throughout the neighborhood. Last time, attendees reported spotting approximately 50 cats during the tour. Will they top that incredible number this time? And, more importantly, what the hell, guys?