Carnival China Style: 2010 Chinese New Year

So once again New Year's Eve was a bummer. That's probably because there are so many ways such a highly anticipated evening could go very wrong. For example, you might have spent it sitting in a taxi stuck in traffic, dropping several hundred dollars on sugar-loaded cocktails, or perhaps you fell asleep after watching the news. What a drag. Give New Year's celebrations another chance at this epic performance marking the Chinese New Year. Participants include calligraphy artists, aerialists, opera singers, dancers, and musical groups. As the name of the event suggests, this carnival-style evening features moments that should range from colorful to eye-popping to earnest. This show will not only demonstrate the wide variety of Chinese contemporary arts, but should also leave you with good feelings toward 2010, which is really what New Year's celebrations should be about.
Sun., Jan. 10, 7 p.m., 2010

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