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Carmen Lynch

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Comedy sometimes takes you to unusual places. Just ask comedian Carmen Lynch. “I just got back from Greenland and the Bahamas on a military tour,” she says. “It was hard to pack.” Greenland was dark the whole time. “There was no sun when we went. They don’t get sun until February, so even in the middle of the day it was pitch dark outside and it was very cold. When you land, they give you a little lecture on what to do if you see a polar bear, which is what keeps it exciting.” Lynch describes her current set as dark and sarcastic. “It’s kind of autobiographical—my thoughts about anything from family to observational things.” She’s currently fascinated by ghosts, even though she’s never seen one and is not a believer. “I like to talk a lot about religion, too,” she adds. “I’ve always been curious about it. I grew up Catholic, but I don’t go to church. Whatever I want to talk about, I try not to hold back.” 18+.