Courtesy of Matador Records


Car Seat Headrest

Sept. 5
7 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

With Will Toledo’s deviated septum inflecting the bare longing of “I would sleep naked/ Next to you naked,” his Feelies-gone-emo rave-ups casually bridging generational divides of suburban ennui, and his heroic-and-then-some refusal to succumb to his own introversion, Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror), a re-recording of CSH’s 2011 lo-fi breakthrough Twin Fantasy, should tickle each and all of your indie/alt sweet spots. This is epic stuff: On “Beach Life-in-Death,” Toledo’s guitar builds from scrawny bedroom strum to brawny arena churn over the course of a four-minute rave-up that climaxes with a frenzied shout of “I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. Insa-a-ne!”—then the song lingers for nine more often-if-not-always effective minutes. Similarly, “Famous Prophets (Stars)” kicks off with a witty ramble about mental health (“I'm not gonna end up a nervous wreck/ Like the people I know who are nervous wrecks/ Though I'm not gonna name names/ (Yours was an exception)”) and keeps on for another 16 minutes. With Naked Giants.