Captured! By Robots

JBOT, the humanoid formerly known as Jay Vance, has had a tough run of it lately. Two years ago, the last time he was scheduled to play the Twin Cities, a snowstorm closed a highway for two days and left him icebound near the Montana border. Last year he was hit by a car and had to cancel his spring tour while he rehabbed a broken arm. Also, he has been taken prisoner by a group of smack-talking robots, who force him to work as their technician/musical director. JBOT is the only meatbag among Captured! By Robots' group of spiteful, metal-loving mechs; he's the thrash-rock equivalent of our own beloved Joel Hodgson of MST3K fame. The robots in his band aren't Chuck E. Cheese animatronic puppets or glorified jukeboxes, but rather they play their own instruments—pressing frets, strumming strings, and blowing into horns—thanks to a little electricity, some compressed air, and a lot of robot malice. Last seen touting their Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed metal opera, this time around the Captured! By Robots crew will present a motivational show featuring wild, loud covers of American classics. JBOT says he's stoked to bring his high-tech pick-me-up performance to the Triple Rock, but he notes that his cybernetic captors remain surly as always. "Most of the bots are de-motivational," he says. "They talk a lot of shit." 18+. (Photo by Snapcult)
Thu., Oct. 15, 9 p.m., 2009

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