'Candide' Allen Weeks



Daily from March 21-23
7:30 p.m.
Daily from March 23-24
2 p.m.
Choral, Classical, Theater

Based on the 1759 novella by Voltaire, Candide’s satirical storyline follows its titular character as calamity drives him from a sheltered upbringing to a journey of discovery. Along the way, he reunites with long-lost acquaintances, falls in and out of love, and has his youthful optimism assailed by a world that is indifferent, chaotic, and sometimes outright cruel. Though the narrative is shaped by a philosophic tension between idealism and pragmatism, the staging boasts the rapturous spirit of adventure, particularly under the acclaimed 1999 reworking by John Caird, which skillfully honors the original text while maintaining the soaring score by Leonard Bernstein (with contributions by Stephen Sondheim and Richard Wilbur). Such notable qualities are certain to be imaginatively rendered by the talents of Theater Latté Da and VocalEssence in this limited engagement at Cowles Center. This production includes a full orchestra, a 60-member chorus, and an ensemble cast. Find tickets and more info at