Calhoun Square Coffee Festival

Once considered a scandalous beverage of vice, coffee has in recent years been studied by researchers who have taken a closer look at the effects of the brew and of caffeine in general. The results? Turns out it's not really a vice after all. Over 19,000 studies have been conducted on the notorious breakfast drink of champions, and to the delight of the enormous caffeinated-beverage industry, most have been positive. Among the drug's benefits include risk reductions for diseases like Parkinson's, colon cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver (I guess we now know the true hangover cure). This Saturday, those looking to get jittery (or for the real regulars, simply function) should check out this year's Coffee Festival in Calhoun Square, where over 20 Twin Cities coffee shops, roasters, and retailers will be on hand to hook you up with your fix. Not into coffee? Tea and desserts will also be on show for consumption. Even better? This isn't simply about getting your daily boost: Proceeds for the event benefit Clare Housing, Partners in AIDS Care, and Joyce Emergency Food Shelf.
Sat., Nov. 17, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., 2007

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