Cafe Scientifique: Households and Urban Pollution

When naming probable causes for city pollution, many will put heavy traffic, big businesses, and landfills on their lists. But what about the homes we live in? Sure, most of us recycle when we can, but how do our energy use, lawn care habits, transportation methods, and even pet ownership contribute to environmental stressors? For this installment of Cafe Scientifique, University of Minnesota scientists Lawrence Baker, Sarah Hobbie, and Kristen Nelson will explore their findings on how residents of Anoka and Ramsay counties—from eating patterns to vehicle purchases to air travel frequency—affect the environment. The group has been working on Twin Cities Household Ecosystem Project, which has surveyed around 3,100 households, both urban and suburban, and plans to share some of their enlightening conclusions.
Tue., Jan. 18, 7 p.m., 2011

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