Café Scientifique: Re-Greening Cities

With the Twin Cities coated in white after our first big snowfall, green space might be the furthest thing from everyone's mind. But perhaps when the lakes are covered in a thick layer of ice and the howling winds are pushing us inside, the only thing to do is to fantasize about warmer weather and our ideal shades of urban green. How do Twin Cities residents want to green their cities? Pedestrian-accessible shopping? Green boulevards that prevent run-off? More light rail lines? Porous pavement? Rain gardens? Native landscaping? Warm up with a winter ale, listen to Laura Musacchio, associate professor at the University of Minnesota, wax eloquent about green infrastructure and park design, and let your imaginations run green in the cozy confines of Bryant-Lake Bowl.
Tue., Dec. 18, 7 p.m., 2007

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