Café Scientifique: Food Safety and Food Defense

Remember back in 2006 when E. coli rampaged through spinach supplies, leaving us leafy green-less and Popeye a little weaker? Or last year when a salmonella outbreak emptied the store shelves of peanut butter? Even dog food has not escaped the ravages of the tiny critters that can contaminate our edibles. This week's Café Scientifique will expose the complex world of food safety and food defense. Koel Ghosh, a research fellow at the University of Minnesota's Department of Economics, will explore the difficulties of food traceability, the threat of food terrorism, the interplay between agricultural practices and food safety, and the role of food packaging in contamination. (Photo by Masahiro Ihara)
Tue., March 16, 6 p.m., 2010

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