Built to Spill

Right now the term "indie rock" has a nebulous definition, encapsulating a wider spectrum of music than it ever has before, so it might be hard to believe that it once stood for a particular sound. And, once upon a time, Built to Spill reigned as kings of that sound, where perfectly imperfect vocals and vast expanses of guitar met to create something heartfelt, something that couldn't posture if it tried. There's no irony to be found here (in their facial hair or otherwise), so it's no wonder that the newest incarnation of indie has marginalized one of the most talented bands in the Midwest. They've made only minimal changes to their sound since crafting genre-defining masterpieces Keep It Like a Secret and Perfect From Now On, and while they may be short on evolution, the band has classic songs and guitar chops to spare. Good ol' indie rock might not be as hip as it used to be, but in Built to Spill's case, it's still long on quality. With Fauxbois. 18+.
Thu., July 22, 6 p.m., 2010

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