Building Better Bombs

Sunday may belong to the Lord—but this Monday belongs to Building Better Bombs and the Talkers. Come to the Triple Rock and wash the wine and wafer out of your system with a few jumbo Czechvars. Sour renditions of Ave Maria ringing in your ears? This evening's lineup should do just the trick. Building Better Bombs, journeymen of the Minneapolis hardcore scene, always walk a dizzying tightrope—shrieking but never shrill, their driving guitar work and staggering screaming jags never scare away their hypnotic melodies. Meanwhile, the Talkers get more action out of a count-off and a single chord than most of their peers get from an entire song. With grimy guitars dripping over live-wire vocals, the Talkers strike an urgent, hair-raising pose. No cover charge, a slew of drink specials—it's the kind of night that should encourage all the misbehavior your squeaky clean soul desires. With Death to Our Enemies. 21+.
Mon., Jan. 14, 9 p.m., 2008

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