Building Better Bombs

Hardcore: not quite the prepubescent twerp that was emo, not yet the hairy old man that punk has become. It's the music for disaffected youth with impressive fake IDs and some serious yearning for bar brawls. And if ever you feel an urgent need to give a greasy kid one or two black eyes, Building Better Bombs is the perfect soundtrack. Sweating delicious rivers of atonality, with brutal guitar progressions like an ice pick to the synapses, this local foursome will leave you feeling like you're trapped in some creepy alternate universe where pop music doesn't exist. This is a good thing. Swing by the Turf Club for their tour kick-off and pick up their new split cassette with Seawhores for some serious otherworldly carnage. With Seawhores, Death to Our Enemies and Mean Beep.
Thu., Dec. 11, 9 p.m., 2008

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