Brother and Sister's Capture the Adventure 2011: A Clue-By-Clue Citywide Creative Adventure

"Expect to have an amazing time!!!!!!" is point number nine on the list of things you need to know about this Saturday's scavenger hunt. And yes, those exclamation points are probably necessary. For this adventure, participants will meet at Riverside Park and form into 10 teams. Folks will then journey throughout the city on bikes, solving puzzles and clues ranging from esoteric to academic to physical. Stops along the way will feature a few top-secret surprises involving public art, live music, and other things to be enjoyed in the moment. Past adventures have included mini-concerts and shenanigans at locations such as pools, jails, and under bridges. The end of this epic city-as-as-board-game adventure features a musical bash at the Cedar, where Brother and Sister, Dessa, the Goondas, and others will be playing at the West Bank Music Festival. Expect to have an amazing time. NEW INFO: This event was originally set to start at Riverside Park, but is now beginning at Currie Park. (Artwork by Michael Gaughan)
Sat., Aug. 20, 11:45 a.m.-5 p.m., 2011

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Currie Park

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