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Brooks Wheelan

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Comedian Brooks Wheelan was in the cast of Saturday Night Live during the 2013-14 season before being released from the show. “That’s not the worst thing that happened to me that summer,” he tells an audience, “because in June a man’s ponytail touched my mouth, so that’s what really kept me up at night. Where has that ponytail been and why is it wet?” Wheelan, who was born and raised in Iowa, now lives in New York City. “There are so many rats. I saw a rat run over woman’s foot,” he says. “She screamed, and the rat ran down the gutter. Her husband said, ‘You’re fine, you’re okay. The rat’s gone.’ Then the rat came back out of the gutter as if to say, ‘I say when it’s fine!’” Though he only lasted one season on SNL, Wheelan has kept busy making appearances on HBO’s Girls and Comedy Central’s Half Hour and @Midnight, as well as Adam Devine’s House Party. In 2015, he released his first album, This Is Cool, Right? 18+.