British Sea Power

BSP return to the states after a three-year absence, behind their fourth album, Valhalla Dancehall, its oxymoronic, Nordic-Jamaican title ample evidence that the Brighton-based quintet's sense of absurdity remains gloriously intact. As do the band's very British eccentricities, which ricochet wildly from vaguely political paranoiac warnings ("Who's in Control?") to thinly veiled fretting about militarism with Monty Python twists ("Stunde Nuell") to Ray Davies-like inebriated basking in the sunset of the British Empire ("Living Is So Easy," complete with a reference to WWII songstress Vera Lynn). VD's music, meanwhile, sprawls luxuriously amid fractured grandeur that rocks hard in fits and starts, fed a steady diet of shattered indie-rock conceits. Opening will be A Classic Education, a Canadian-Italian rock outfit who favor a big, bustling sound and appropriately (given their name) cover Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World." All ages.
Tue., March 29, 7 p.m., 2011

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