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British Arrows Awards 2017

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun. from Dec. 17-30
Time Varies
Art, Film, Holiday, Museums

Although the British Arrows Awards spotlight different ads from across the pond each year, there’s a certain soothing predictability to the commercials’ tone and content—a fact that’s helped to make the annual screenings at the Walker Art Center an apt, if quirky, holiday tradition. There are the giggle-worthy domestic fails (this year, a series demonstrating the utility of IKEA organizers). There are the adorable vignettes (a tear-jerking short about a pair of aging teddy bears navigating Heathrow airport). There are the epic clips starring footballers (Cristiano Ronaldo swaps bodies with a young player in a Freaky Friday-style Nike ad), and the name-that-voice celebrity cameos (listen for Nick Offerman in an amusing HomeAway commercial). Then there are the ads that pull us down to earth. This year, two heartrending short films draw attention to the ongoing refugee crisis, including a Unicef clip that brings a young Syrian boy together with an aging WWII survivor. Sometimes, things stay the same, but not in a good way. Showtimes vary, check online at to reserve a seat.