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Brian Scolaro

Daily from July 24-28
8 p.m.
Daily from July 27-28
10:30 p.m.

“I have a commercial out now where I’m a mango,” says actor and comedian Brian Scolaro. “That was weird. It’s for Snapple. I used to be a third lead on sitcoms. Now I’m a mango.” He doesn’t mind, though. “Being a mango pays pretty good.” The road, however, can sometimes be a grind, even for an experienced comic. “When you’re not famous you don’t always play the good rooms, the rooms that are well run,” he explains. “Acme is such a well-run room. It’s an enormous pleasure to play there. It’s a relief.” Scolaro has also been dealing with health issues, having recently been diagnosed with MS. “They tell me I’ve got to watch my diet now. Well, I guess I’m going to die.” He elaborates: “Immediately, they want you to start eating healthy. If I have my choice between being in a wheelchair and eating pizza and not eating pizza and walking, I’ll tell ya something, I may go wheelchair.” 18+.