Brewers & Doers at Surly FB


Brewers & Doers Holiday Bazaar 2019

Dec. 1
11 a.m.-4 p.m.
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Now in its second year, Brewers & Doers is a large-scale sale and party with a unique blend of crafts, baked goods, music, holiday cheer, and, of course, beer. There will be plenty of Furious flowing among the bakers and makers, fostering a good time. Items include handmade toys, nail polish, garden gnomes, tarot cards, Minnesota-themed pins, ceramics, and cigars. Krampus will be stopping by, and a DJ will play vinyl sets during the event. Remember to bring a new pair of wool socks: Surly’s charitable arm, Surly Gives a Damn, will give you a free pint when you donate to their drive, and they will also enter you into a raffle for prizes.