Brew at the Zoo

Beer and the Russia's Grizzly Coast habitat at the Minnesota Zoo's go together like...okay, actually, vodka would be a more appropriate libation for the display, but beer works pretty well, too. Brew at the Zoo brings together a laundry list of suds, including selections from Minnesota breweries Schell and Summit; adorable animals; and live music for the perfect summer evening. You won't be going hungry, either, with BBQ pork, vegetarian samosas, and Korean BBQ chicken skewers. And everybody gets a souvenir sample glass. If beer isn't your thing, fear not, there will be plenty of nonalcoholic drinks also available. Headliner G.B. Leighton, with Grayson opening, will provide the live soundtrack. Otters, BBQ, beer—what else could you ask for in an evening out? 21+.
Fri., Aug. 14, 7-10 p.m., 2009

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