Bret Michaels Rock of Love Tour

With much of this tour's marketability owing a debt to his new career as VH1's puffiest reality-show Lothario, Bret Michaels, former frontman of Poison, is just the most recent high-kicking, tiger-striped rocker to have his celebrity exhumed from the cartoon graveyard of '80s hair metal. There have been some solo successes along the way for which Michaels can give himself a pat on the back (his single "Go That Far" had the distinguished honor of being an unlockable track on the latest Guitar Hero release), but most of tonight's eager attendees will be divided between the ironically curious and the discomfortingly devoted. Whether the show reminds you of doing blow at the Viper Room or watching reruns of Zoobilee Zoo is a simple matter of age and disposition. With Downtread and Crash Anthem. 18+.
Thu., April 17, 7 p.m., 2008

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