Bret Michaels

Every rose has its thorn, and Bret Michaels would know—he's done a lot of public rose-picking. The frontman for the '80s glam-rock outfit Poison is at least as well-known for his mating as for his music. During the band's heyday, Michaels famously sent roadies with video cameras into the crowd to interview groupies vying to be his conquest of the night. Two decades later, Michaels, looking increasingly (and distressingly) similar to Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan, regained fame by lady-shopping on the VH1 reality show Rock of Love, now in its third season. These romantic antics make gushy ballads such as "All I Ever Needed"particularly hard to swallow. But Poison-less Michaels, who will play his solo tunes with a full backing band at the Grand Casino Hinckley, can still crank out the metaphorically challenged, vaguely sexual rock anthems that made his nut in the days of eyeliner and hairspray. While you're there, ask him what the hell an "Unskinny Bop" is, anyway. 18+.
Sat., Feb. 7, 8 p.m., 2009

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