Brendon Walsh

"No, I don't talk about politics onstage. It's all garbage," comedian Brendon Walsh confesses. Instead, he focuses on what he knows best: Brendon Walsh. For example, he can't decide whether he's depressed or successful. "Is it a sign of depression if the only reason you take the sweatpants off that you've been wearing for three days in a row is to use them as a napkin in bed? Or is it a sign of living the dream?" So far, after 10 years of doing standup, he thinks it's the latter. "I just wanted to have a job that paid me as much as loading trucks all day and let me drink on the job." His approach to work is simple enough: "More money, less work. I'm a big fan of that. Minimum effort for maximum reward. That's my whole goal." Before trying his first open mic, he had a somewhat captive audience of city workers in Texas. "One day, I got up on the back of a flat-bed truck and said, 'All right guys. Just so we're clear, my name is pronounced Bren-don not Bren-dejo, which is how I heard some of you pronouncing my name.' It really busted up all the Mexican guys 'cause I think 'pendejo' means asshole. I know 'pendejo' is a curse word. I don't know — I don't even get my own jokes." 18+. (Photo by Robyn Von Swank)
Oct. 23-27, 8 p.m.; Oct. 26-27, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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Acme Comedy Co.

708 N. 1st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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