"Bone Mother" at TMORA Matthew Glover


Bone Mother: Aerial Tales of Baba Yaga

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun. from Sept. 19-27
7:30 p.m.
Art, Museums, Performance Art, Theater

The Russian folk myth of Baba Yaga goes into the air for this production, created specifically for the galleries within the Museum of Russian Art. Sandbox Theatre’s aerial department, the Swingset, focuses on storytelling through acrobatic, skyward work. Here they’ll investigate and recast notions of femininity, using the Baba Yaga tale to transform the museum’s spaces into places of beauty and introspection. Nature, the untamed, wisdom, power, evil, and the transcendent infuse the work as it unfolds just beneath the museum’s expansive rafters and soaring ceilings.