Bonde Do Role; Juice Boxxx

To understand exactly how filthy Bonde do Role are, it helps to overcome the language barrier. Imagine a Brazilian electro group that mixes the dirty-mindedness of Luther Campbell, Lil' Kim, John Waters, and the type of hormonal spaz that posts on anime porn message boards, and you might scratch the surface; translations of their lyrics point to a particular interest in assorted below-the-waist orifices and the things that go in (and out of) them, as well as the homoerotic qualities of James Bond and the inherent comedy of hesherdom. But as MCs go, Pedro D'eyrot and Marina Ribatski perform like sex is a collective mirthful catharsis instead of the arrogant ego trip most American pop acts have propelling their groins, and with beats like theirs—hiccupping Nintendos, Casio demos gone aggro, electro for breakers who wear their track pants down around their ankles—there's no knowledge of Portugese required to get their giddily, lascivious message.
Sat., Sept. 22, 9 p.m., 2007

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