Bob Saget

Aug. 7
6:30 p.m.

Did you know that Bob Saget used to be on Full House? If you don’t believe us, just ask him. “I think I was too good at playing that character,” he says of his alter ego, TV dad Danny Tanner. “I spent years as a standup, I was in a Richard Pryor movie, and I was on the CBS morning show [The Morning Program] before I got fired. But then I put on the expensive clothes and made dumb jokes, and I became Danny Tanner forever.” While there are plenty of tales of sitcom stars from yesteryear whose careers were canceled the second their shows went off the air, Saget has managed to adapt and evolve, embracing his more adult side with roles in movies like Half Baked or playing a (mostly) fictionalized version of himself on Entourage. Though he’s proven that he’s so much more than TV’s favorite dad, this past year Saget reunited with the Tanner fam on Fuller House. Just because he’s back on the small screen, however, doesn’t mean he’s stepping away from the stage. In addition to his show this week at Skyway, Saget is preparing for a new special, complete with fresh adult material, songs, and plenty more surprises that can’t be cleaned up with Windex (a running Full House gag). “Maybe I should just come out onstage and do that bit while I’m working,” he says. “I’ll just spray Windex all over the whole place.”