Bob Sagat

"I'm loving my standup more than I ever have," says Bob Saget. "Because I feel like more people are getting it." Saget is probably best known as the dad on Full House, the host of both America's Funniest Home Videos and 1 to 100, and suprisingly, as a comedian with rather raunchy sense of humor. These days he claims the latter is not as vulgar as it used to be. Well, maybe not. "My standup's not quite as blue," he insists, but then recalls, "the other night there were like, 7,000 people at the University of Florida seeing me, and after it was over with they tell me that I dropped the f-bomb a lot of times, but I don't remember, which is not good." Going between his act and his TV work, Saget used to find it difficult to switch gears. Today, he feels he can be himself on the small screen. "On 1 to 100 they let me coin the word 'shiggles,' which is a combination of 'shits' and 'giggles.' I'm pretty excited about that." In the end, Saget feels he really has only one mission. "Life's hard enough," he says. "The economy's screwed up, people work too damned hard. One of the things they want, if they like a musician or comedian, is to escape for an hour, and that's my job and I look at it as a privilege, I really do."
Fri., April 11, 8 p.m., 2008

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