BNLX (EP-release)


Cryptic duo BNLX are set to bring their incendiary live show to the 7th St. Entry to celebrate the release of their appropriately titled new EP, #4. This time out, the new batch of four songs are all covers, featuring Ed and Ashley Ackerson's imaginative re-workings of familiar tracks that have either inspired them or refused to leave their heads over the years. As you would expect from the group, these interpretations are hardly color-by-number affairs; they inject these tracks with their own explosive energy while making them their own in the process. One only needs to listen to their volatile version of "When Doves Cry" to know that this isn't just a tired retread meant to get Prince's attention; it's a tempestuous rendition that is meant to leave the original in the dust. This isn't only a record-release party, either, it's a fulfillment of Stage Four of BNLX's First One Year Plan, one that found e.a. and a.a. (as well as knobby and blinky) consistently meeting and/or exceeding our expectations with unfailingly inventive releases, and even more experimental live performances. Who knows what Year Two will bring for the band, but for now, this dynamic covers EP is clearly worth celebrating. Also on the bill are fellow Picked to Click bands Red Pens (2009 winners) and Voytek (2010 finalists), who should both kick-start the night with a rousing bang, as well as the only local performance in the foreseeable future of Farewell Continental, featuring Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack, who will also be releasing their own EP (produced by Ed Ackerson) at the show. 18+.
Fri., Dec. 10, 9 p.m., 2010

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