BNLX broke onto the local scene back in March, based on word-of-mouth recommendations, a couple of killer mp3s, and cryptic press releases that read more like robotic quarterly reports than a legitimate marketing campaign. But the music was good enough to grab listeners' attention, whether or not they knew who was involved in the project. It gradually became clear that the mysterious "organic members" of BNLX, e.a. and a.a., are indeed husband-and-wife duo Ed and Ashley Ackerson of Polara and the Mood Swings, respectively. BNLX are currently in what they refer to as "Phase 3" of their "First One Year" plan, which includes a U.S. tour and the recent release of their third EP. As enigmatic and arcane as the band attempt to remain, the overwhelming power and originality of their music rings loud and clear.
Fri., Oct. 22, 9 p.m., 2010

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