Blue Sky Blackout (CD-release)

Jon Hunt is no stranger to Twin Cities music listeners—one of his earliest bands, Lunar 9, landed on our Picked to Click poll in the late '90s—but he brought out the big guns for his latest project, Blue Sky Blackout. Continuing in the vein of sprawling Brit rock that has characterized many of Hunt's other bands, BSB—nothing short of a supergroup—boasts perhaps his biggest sound yet, with former Astronaut Wife member Christian Erickson's booming vocals fronting a three-guitar wall of sound. John Hughes, the EP being unveiled tonight, mixes those ingredients together with an unabashed love for Doctor Who and '80s teen movies with the type of cocksure showmanship that only comes with years of experience. With Grant Cutler and Gorgeous Joe Johnson, Original Mark Edwards, and the Seeks. (Photo by Kate Iverson)
Fri., Feb. 18, 9 p.m., 2011

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