Blue Phoenix Circus Troupe: Cabaret Zirkus

When one envisions a cabaret, aerialist acrobatics typically don't come to mind. Gravity-defying leaps from the flying trapeze have long been a draw of the big top, not the diversions of a darkened club. But then again, the talents of the Blue Phoenix Circus Troupe extend far beyond dazzling aerialist work, ambitiously incorporating elements of music, dance, and theater. With such versatility on display, the cabaret allows audiences an ideal setting for an evening's spectacle. Blue Phoenix Circus Troupe's latest project, the adult-oriented Cabaret Zirkus, plans an immersive transformation of Old Arizona's intimate performance space into the risqué environs of a 1930s German cabaret. Amid the often ribald variety acts will be a jaw-dropping showcase of physical daring, including a trapeze routine from the acclaimed duo of Shannon Maguire and Samon Finkelstein. Honed during a European stint with the 12th annual international circus festival, Città di Latina, the Maguire-Finkelstein routine was honored with the prestigious Press Award from the Associazione L'Aquilone. All in all, the program aims to be playfully provocative, salaciously silly, and worlds away from the three-ring trappings of the Ringling Brothers.
Nov. 12-13, 7 & 9 p.m., 2010

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