Blood In Blood Out

Deuce 7, the street artist behind the Cult Status Gallery mural that was painted over because it "offended" a neighbor last spring, makes his triumphant return to the gallery on August 6 for a street-art homage at Lyn-Lake's new hub of subversive art. Deuce 7 specializes in brightly colored spray-painted works found on the sides of trains, as well as on well known and off-the-beaten-path structures (not to mention galleries in NYC and Minneapolis; he had his first solo exhibition at Soo Visual Arts Center last fall). He was dubbed the new "king of New York street art" by Camille Dodero of the Village Voice during his stay in Brooklyn, and then rocked Oakland's world, according to Cult Status Gallery owner Erin Sayer. The show has an opening this Friday, August 6, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., and also features street artists Tomás Villasenor and Peyote (the two cousins who painted Cult Status Gallery's bathroom). Sayer said that Cult Status, which opened in March and has had four exhibitions so far, is an attempt to promote art in the community, particularly in the Uptown and Whittier neighborhoods, which are lacking in galleries. "We're a low-brow gallery," she states. (Pictured: Work by Deuce 7)
Aug. 6-25, 2010

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