Blonde Redhead

Though Blonde Redhead enjoyed some commercial success with their 2007 release, 23, the band has always placed its emphasis on well-shaped atmospherics, letting their sound wash over listeners in a mist of diffused guitars and opaque lyrics. At the time, the band's predilection for avant garde waves of noise and feedback made their move toward pop surprising, but with recent release Penny Sparkle, they seem to have embraced the accessibility that took fans by surprise just three years ago. Even so, BR retains a penchant for constructing vistas of sound where the beautiful and the raw coexist, and for their current tour, they've picked up an opening act that suits their level of meticulous sound design. Opener Pantha du Prince (a.k.a Hendrik Weber) is a German producer who shares BR's love of classic shoegaze, but uses techno's thumping structure as a foundation on which to build his haunted house. For once, the tourmates aren't just friends, but artists with complementary visions aiming to provide an immersive experience. 18+.
Sun., Oct. 24, 8 p.m., 2010

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