Photo by Tyler Kohlhoff


Blitzen Trapper

Nov. 16
7 p.m.
Indie Rock

Portlandians Blitzen Trapper’s spirited new album, Wild and Reckless, is a simmering confederation of Eric Earley’s vivid storytelling, radiant electric guitar, juicy Americana hooks, and weathered country-rock peppered with modern influences. Earley has called W&R, which was derived from a rock opera with a dystopian perspective and sci-fi twist, “a cross-eyed stepchild to Furr,” the band’s highly regarded 2008 release. Unsettling themes—violence, death, betrayal, corruption—run through the album as Earley reflects on life’s hard lessons, but the songs stand strong on their own, framed by the loping “Rebel,” a tragic tale set to a Crazy Horse vibe, and “Wind Don’t Always Blow,” a noirish, philosophic reckoning that sounds like Dylan and the Band. “No Man’s Land” morphs from an atmospheric swirl of sampled voices into a dark anthem about love’s elusiveness, and the title track is an exuberant but bittersweet rocker haunted, like much of the album, by both the past and future. Lilly Hiatt opens.