Black Lips

Black Lips have been known to puke onstage, using their bluesy psych rock less like a shtick and more like a lifestyle. The Atlanta band used to play as if their amps came prepackaged with reverb knobs turned up to 10. But their new release, 200 Million Thousand, shows they want to grow up, get a good producer, and perhaps not cover the front row in their last eight lagers and digestive fluids. Though they are still unconcerned with the vocals being on key, the group does seem more together, with riffs actually audible through the fuzz. Does this mean the boys will start wearing ties and saving up for Volvos? Probably not, considering they were chased out of India in January after stripping naked during a gig and making out with each other. The music may be toned down, but claiming to have a more professional ethic can't mask insanity. And Black Lips are ready to spew their craziness all over St. Paul—probably on your faces. With Gentleman Jesse & His Man and Vampire Hands. 21+.
Mon., March 16, 8 p.m., 2009

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