Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

March 6
7 p.m.
Blues, Indie Rock, Rock

The Honeybears are back. Well, they never really went away — Black Joe Lewis kept recording with the same Austin, Texas band, but he stopped crediting them under that name on his albums. That caused so much confusion, though, that the band’s just-released fifth album, Backlash, again sports the Honeybears’ name. Backlash features the rip-roaring, rough-and-tumble fusion of vintage R&B and soul, gritty blues, furious funk, and punky rock ’n’ roll Lewis and his mates are known for, seasoned as ever with a dose of psychedelics. Lewis’ grainy howls and James Brown-like shouts are buoyed by blazing horns and his own searing electric guitar antics. Backlash may be slightly less ragged than previous albums, still raucous and prone to brain-melting distortion, but allowing a little room for Lewis’ topical rants about race relations, sexual politics, and the fate of the planet. Dams of the West open.