Black Dice; Wolf Eyes

File tonight's noisenik bill under "life-affirming anti-entertainment"—or maybe just "autistic-aggro bliss"—as a pair of crud-tone titans who've collaborated before team up for a skull-crack of a joint tour. Black Dice are a trio from Brooklyn, New York, with designs on your equilibrium: They'd like to wine it, dose it, electroshock it, then whiplash it into an irreversible psychosis. Hailing from Michigan, Wolf Eyes are more interested in making you relive the most uncomfortable, pre-murderdeathkill scenes from every nightmare-causing horror flick you've ever watched by stringing together scraps of rusty post-industrial dread. The Dice just dropped Repo, their most accessible slab yet; Wolf Eyes are gearing up for the summer release of Pretending Alive, a follow-up to 2006's stellar Human Animal. (Wolf Eyes are so ungodly prolific that I've gotta stress that we're talking about studio albums here, as opposed to small-run/vinyl edits of live recordings.) What will this show sound like? The end of the world, more or less. Which is why you'll be there, with bells on. With Adidas. 18+.
Thu., May 21, 9 p.m., 2009

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