'Black Comedy' Bob Suh


Black Comedy

Every Fri. and Sat. from Jan. 10-Feb. 1
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Jan. 12-Feb. 2
2 p.m.

Black Comedy is a clever sendup of the drawing-room farce in which the lighting (or lack thereof) serves as a key contributor to spiraling bedlam. Scripted by Peter Shaffer, the acclaimed English playwright best known for penning Equus and AmadeusBlack Comedy begins with the best of intentions: Aspiring artist Brindsley Miller is eager to score points with his fiancée’s opinionated father, so he borrows some fragile furniture and precious art pieces from his antique-dealer neighbor. Brindsley also invites an influential art collector to appraise his work. A blown fuse eliminates all the lights, throwing their plans into total disarray—even before the unwelcome arrival of an ex-girlfriend. With the theater lit so that audiences can see what the characters cannot, there’s pleasure in anticipating each pratfall and collision, as the disoriented figures go flailing over one another, misconstruing intentions and confusing identities while the small apartment devolves into a hilariously unhinged party.