Bill Santiago

San Francisco native Bill Santiago started off as a journalist but switched to comedy when he realized, as he puts it, that as a reporter he was a joke. He was born to Puerto Rican immigrants, which he says is technically untrue since Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, although he's got an uncle who was once deported to the Bronx. His act isn't just confined to cultural humor; he can move easily into social and political satire. "Everyone's speaking Spanish now," he begins. "George Bush is speaking Spanish. A little better than he speaks English." Continuing on about the president, Santiago states, "I just call him 43. Have you people been keeping count? We've had 43 white male presidents in a row. That's a hell of a lucky streak." Though Barack Obama is making a serious White House bid, Santiago isn't sure that that's enough. "Like that's going to even everything out. I just get stuck on that number 43. If you're asking how far this country is from true social equality, I would have to say at least 43 black presidents in a row away from that point. People don't realize how long that could take. You could get to 41, a white guy gets in, and you have to start all over."
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