Bill Maher David Becker


Bill Maher

Oct. 8
8 p.m.

Bill Maher’s comedy focuses mainly on two things: politics and religion. While the 2016 presidential campaign rolls on, Maher isn’t forgetting about the latter, on which he based an entire documentary, 2008’s Religulous. Rejecting the idea that religion is harmless and simply gives people comfort, Maher starts with some jokes. “The Pope has a Facebook page. That’s true, I’m not making that up,” he tells an audience. “The creepy thing is that under relationship status he put ‘it’s complicated.’” Maher adds more jokes as he builds on his thesis. “The Pope went to Africa last year,” he begins, “for a reunion with Rommel.” After the audience chuckles he adds, “It’s just a joke, I’m not after the Pope. By the same token, I don’t pause before I make a joke about him. He’s just a man.... He’s not holier than us because he wears a costume. I could buy a pointy hat, too.” Maher finishes off the bit by pointing out that the pope was against the use of condoms to help prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa, driving home his larger assertion. He then reminds the audience that he’s not leading a rally, just telling jokes. Jokes with a grander point.