Bill Burr

Amiable iconoclast Bill Burr's career has taken off in the past few years, thanks not just to a slew of stellar shows, but a notoriously awful one. In 2006 he found himself in Philadelphia performing for Opie and Anthony's "Traveling Virus" tour, and the radio jocks' crowd was even more addled and atavistic than usual. Amid a cacophony of boos and shouts, Burr launched into a 10-minute tirade against Philadelphia and its denizens, ridiculing everything the city holds dear, even its silliest and most hallowed icon. "Fucking Rocky is your hero?" the unflappable Burr taunted. "Your whole city is built around a guy who doesn't even fucking exist. Joe Frazier is from there, but he's black, so you can't fucking deal with him." Video of the set went viral (on YouTube as "Bill Burr Tells Philly the Truth") and helped cement his well-earned reputation as one of the most fearless comedians working today. Burr is a natural-born contrarian who pushes his audience's buttons with perceptive bits that challenge their most basic assumptions. His lovably pushy act is best captured on his 2008 Comedy Central special Why Do I Do This? and his most recent hour-long show, Let It Go. He has also appeared as a bit player on Chappelle's Show and with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey in Date Night. But it's best to see Burr live, riding the energy of any circumstance, rolling with punches and delivering haymakers. (Photo by Brian Friedman)
Fri., Oct. 22, 8 p.m., 2010

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