Bike Art VI

Sports and the athletic form once made a powerful muse for sculptors and other artists. But in modern art? Not so much. However, the bicycle somehow manages to inspire and buck this trend. For "Bike Art VI" artists were invited to explore the beloved mode of transportation, method of recreation, and source of fitness through photography, painting, sculpture, and other mediums. Some pieces are abstract, such as Jack McLaughlin's Steps Retraced, a painting that explores travel through glimpses of objects and bursts of color. Other works capture concise moments in time, such as the Tom Reynen photograph titled A Bike in Rome II. Be sure to check out the upcoming bike party from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 18, which will feature a garage sale, an artists' discussion, a bikini bike wash, tune-ups, and bike maintenance demos. (Tom Reynen, A Bike in Rome II)
June 2-23, 2011

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