'Big Money' Matthew Glover


Big Money

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Jan. 12-28
7:30 p.m.
Jan. 22
2 p.m.
$40-$60 (Wednesdays are pay-as-able).

Americans love a success story, particularly when that success can be measured in dollars and cents. Questioning the often ambiguous line between what we applaud and what we condemn, Derek Lee Miller, artistic director of Sandbox Theatre, found unlikely inspiration in the true story of Michael Larson, a man so devoted to winning on the television game show Press Your Luck that he spent over a year studying it in search of exploitable flaws. So effective was Larson that, when eventually cast as a contestant, he thrilled audiences by walking away with the biggest one-day take in the history of game shows. Enlisting Theo Langason as director, Sandbox worked with a seven-member ensemble to adapt Larson’s story into Big Money, a work that cleverly combines the undeniable entertainment of witnessing a man game the system while simultaneously questioning the complicity in cheering for such morally suspect actions. Performed on a stage designed to resemble a live game show, Big Money unravels the exploits of an eccentric shyster who exemplified, in his own curious fashion, a dark facet of American ambition.

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For over a year, Michael Larson devoted his life to studying the Press Your Luck! game board. He quit his job, filled his living room with televisions and video cassette recorders, and pored over thousands of hours of episodes, convinced he could crack the code…and then he did. On May 19, 1984, Michael Larson shocked the world! Created by Sandbox Theatre, Big Money is the true story of one man’s obsession to beat the odds and win the cash. So fun, you won’t believe your eyes!