Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Big Head Todd & the Monsters keep company with Crash Test Dummies and Blind Melon as the deposed monarchs of the non-confrontational, melodic pop that kept the mid-'90s in a powerful sleeper hold. Sure, some of the fans that made Sister Sweetly a platinum seller in 1993 have long since tapped out, but, like Chris Benoit, Big Head Todd doesn't let go just because you go limp. You might have been unconscious for it, but the Monsters have spent the last decade keeping up the rigorous touring regimen that first earned them a cult following in the late '80s, keeping their tirelessly devoted fans happy with a brand of blues rock that borrows a cup of salt from the jazzman down the hall. So what if Sister Sweetly is best known in the 21st century for its saturation of Cheapo's "Recent Arrivals" racks? At least it sold once. With Paul Kelley. 18+.
Thu., March 6, 6 p.m., 2008

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