Big Business

June 22
8 p.m.
Metal, Rock

Though their music is often burly and on the slower side of things, the mighty Los Angeles-via-Seattle band Big Business are reluctant to concede that they make “sludge” or “stoner” metal. Founded by singer/bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis, who have also been members of the Melvins since 2006, they feel their musicianship is more varied than it’s given credit for. It’s easy to see where they’re coming from: Over the past decade and change, they’ve been equally apt to deliver their sound in three-minute blasts and stretch out for true epics that clock in at seven-plus minutes. And with help from producers Phil Ek and Dave Curran, they’ve also quickened their tempos, indulged their proggy impulses, and let vocal harmonies fly. Similar bands like Baroness may be more popular, but Big Business has cultivated reputation as a consistently thrilling force in underground metal, reliably issuing a great-to-excellent new LP every two or three years. With Gay Witch Abortion and Buildings.