Biennial 3D-II

The third in its series at the Minnesota Museum of America Art (the show alternates between 2- and 3-D art), this selective exhibition features 27 Minnesota artists, both established and emerging. Many works take on a politically and socially tinged tone. John Ilg's House Divided: 109th Congress features toy soldiers stacked upon one another in a pyramid hierarchy of red, white, and blue. A miniature shack appears in need of some paint in David Swanson's Shacking Up with a Tired Infrastructure. Ben Garthus creates a shrine to the plastics of human waste, laying out dozens of white molds of pop-bottle bottoms, coffee tops, microwavable trays, and perfume bottles in A Commemoration of Convenience. The concepts explored in each design are as three-dimensional as the designs themselves.
Nov. 17-Feb. 3, 2007

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