BFF10: Bicycle Film Festival Opening Night Party

Bikes: They're not just about gears and wheels, pedals and chains. They're not even just about getting around town. Bikes are symbols of many things, be it sustainability, independence, or the power of the human body. They're exercise equipment for some, core transportation for others, and fashion statements for still others. And sometimes, they're art. The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates all aspects of our favorite human-powered machines. Documentaries include subjects such as Minneapolis's most alcoholic alleycat race, the Stuporbowl, and an animated film using icons lifted from the bike-centric Nintendo classic, Paperboy. It would be gauche to show up in a gas-guzzling pollution contraption for the opening-night party from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, so join other bike enthusiasts at 5 p.m. at Gold Medal Park (Second Street and 11th Avenue South in Minneapolis) for a casual ride to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (2400 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.870.3131). There, you will find a bike valet, beer, music by blues rockers A Night in the Box, and an art project where you can create a "vintage" art poster. Afterward, cycle over to Clubhouse Jäger (923 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis) for a drunken, dance-tastic afterparty. Screenings continue at the Cedar (416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.338.2674) Friday and Saturday. If you love to bike in the Twin Cities (and who doesn't?), know that it's not just the Greenway that makes Minneapolis the best city in the nation for biking. It's events like this, celebrating the spirit of self-powered movement, that keep us pedaling along. Visit for a complete schedule. Screenings range from free to $8; $32 weekend pass available. (Pictured: Birth of Big Air by Jeff Tremaine)
Thu., July 15, 6:30-9 p.m., 2010

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