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Bengt Washburn

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8 p.m.
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“It would be nice to be in a country that knows what it is politically,” says comedian Bengt Washburn, “instead of one that’s fighting about it constantly. What bothers me the most is the silliness of it. When both sides get to spinning away, they just get so dumb at their extremes.” Washburn lived for several years in Germany, as his wife was stationed there with the U.S. military. He rejects the notion that America has become more homogenized. “Germany is homogenized,” he says. “America is not. Just because you have McDonald’s and Starbucks everywhere doesn’t mean we’re all the same. I think maybe we overestimate the power of those things to change us into the same culture.” He feels it’s the Constitution that brings us together. “It’s not supposed to be tribal, but we’ve become more tribal in our understanding of that document. I won’t be talking about that on stage though,” he adds. “I’ll do some riffing.” 18+.